Colorado Calligrapher & Watercolor Artist

Luxury Calligraphy

I'm Emily Fournier, a calligrapher based out of Denver, Colorado. I specialize in elegant calligraphy, signage, and engraving for weddings, luxury events, and on-site brand activations.

Calligraphy Commissions

I love celebrating life's moments big and small. Whether you're commissioning a custom quote on paper, looking for non-standard placecards for an event, or a unique gift, let's work together to make something beautiful.

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Wedding Calligraphy

Don't let the day-of details stress you out! Hiring a professional wedding calligrapher ensures every aspect of your wedding is cohesive and perfectly matches your unique style. From signage to envelopes and everything in between, let's bring your vision to life!

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Live Calligraphy

Take your brand activation, product launch, or corporate event to the next level with live, in-person calligraphy. Your guests can have their name or custom phrase written right in front of them, turning your product into a keepsake they'll treasure forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is working with you like?

Once you complete my contact form, I’ll reach out with additional information, pricing, and questions. If it’s a good fit on both sides, we’ll have an intake call where I can learn more about you, your event, and your style. From there, your vision becomes my vision! I pride myself on creating end products that you and your guests will love.

Do you only work with companies and couples in Colorado? 

No! While I love serving my community as a Colorado calligrapher, I’m thrilled when I get the chance to connect across state or country lines. For those out of state, I offer shipping for most items (envelopes, placecards, custom orders, etc). However, I only offer local pickup and dropoff for mirror seating charts at this time.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on a number of factors and will change based on your specific needs.

To get a quote, please send me an email at or fill out my contact form.

What calligraphy styles do you offer?

I specialize in two main calligraphy types: Copperplate and modern script. Copperplate is one of the most recognized scripts and oozes elegance and formality. Modern calligraphy is individualized to the calligrapher, and is often characterized by a more playful style. Offering both styles allows me to cater my work to a variety of clients, couples, and styles!

What is calligraphy? Is it the same as cursive?

This is a very common question! Cursive and calligraphy are very different. In short, cursive is used to write quickly and legibly. On the other hand, calligraphy’s goal is to create beautiful, eye-catching artwork. It’s not a stylized cursive – in fact, calligraphy requires you to lift your pen often to “draw” letters using specific strokes. Calligraphy requires years of experience, practice, and training to produce elegant works of art.