Supply Recommendations For Calligraphy Beginners

Supply Recommendations For Calligraphy Beginners

When I first started with calligraphy, I went through a lot of trial and error to find my favorite supplies -- and my hope for new calligraphers is that they don't have to! Below you'll find a list of my favorite go-to supplies. 

(Note: Amazon links are affiliate links and I earn a small commission. However, I have tried each and every one of these products and stand by them!)

Recommended Calligraphy Inks: 

  • Sumi Ink: This is the ink I use in my beginner calligraphy classes. It's affordable and perfect for practice or professional pieces. It tends to be a bit runnier, so if it starts to spiderweb on you, try Bombay ink (listed below)
  • Bombay Ink: I use black Bombay ink most often, as it tends to work best on a variety of papers without spider-webbing or bleeding too much. I love having both Bombay and Sumi ink on hand!
  • Dr. Ph. Martin's Bleedproof White: The BEST white calligraphy ink out there. Note, the ink is super thick straight out of the jar, s you will need to mix in some water. I simply take an eyedropper and drop a few drops into the bottle, mix it with a toothpick, and test out the consistency. Ideally, it should have the same milky consistency as creamer.
  • Coliro Metallic Watercolors: These watercolor cakes are the BEST for calligraphing gold, silver, and more. They come in several different options and have great opacity and shine. You'll need to add water to these too, so simply put a few drops of water onto the cake, mix it up to get to a creamer consistency, and paint it right onto your nib. 

My Favorite Nibs: 

  • Zebra G Nib: My favorite nib for beginners. The medium flex helps you perfect pressure without wearing out the hand or being too bendy. 
  • Tachikawa G Nib: The most flexible of the G nibs, this nib is one of my all-time favorites and most used nib in my kit.

Recommended Calligraphy Practice Paper: 

  • HP Printer Paper: This paper is super smooth and so affordable! The texture is great for almost any ink. 
  • Tracing Paper: This is perfect if you're still working on tracing letterforms.

Brush Pens

Brush pens are great ways to practice your calligraphy basic strokes and letters without needing to pull out your ink, nibs, and water. My favorites include:

Misc. Materials

  • Laser level: I use this every time I am writing on a dark surface to make sure my lines are straight and even.
  • Lightbox: I have a different brand that's no longer available on Amazon, but this one looks comparable. I use my lightbox on light paper and put lined paper or grid paper underneath to make sure my lines are straight.
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